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Package FAQs

What steps are involved in getting my business online?

1. Familiarise yourself with our package offerings and choose a package that best suits your needs now. (don't worry you can always upgrade or downgrade later on)
2. Take a look at our Terms & Conditions and Website FAQs pages to make sure you fully understand the offering.
3. Feel free to call us for a free no obligation discussion on any aspect of our website package solution.

Decision time: If you want to proceed, go to the relevant package page and purchase online. This is for the setup fee only as we only start the monthly subscription once the website is live.

4. Transfer/Register your Domain Name. Please let us know if you want to discuss as we are more than happy to help you with this key activity.
5. We design your website based around one of our professional standard designs. These designs are highly optimised to perform well in the Search Engines like Google Yahoo and MSN and are also normally compliant to priority 1 W3C web standards.
6. Email us your logo and other graphic images you want us to use - or we can create these for you at a small additional cost.
7. Website is built and finalised ready for content addition. You are able to check progress by viewing our development server at any time. A link will be provided to you for this.
8. Revise the content if you want to prior to going live.
9. Finalise design and agree a 'Go Live' date.
10. Setup monthly subscription using our online payment system.
11. Site is put live.
What information do I need to provide you with?
1. Your company logo
2. The images you would like in the header
3. Your company Colour Scheme
4. Page layout preferences
5. Your choice of fonts 
5. Email requirements
How long does it take to get my new website online?
Once we’ve received all the info we need from you, we can normally get your site ready within 5 working days.

What will my website look like?
- Professional and attractive
- Clear and easy to understand
- Easy to navigate

Can I …?

… add links to my website?
Yes. You can add outbound links in CMS to other websites. You can add inbound links from other websites by giving them your website address.

… change the layout of my pages?
Yes. The layout is defined by the design we have agreed but you can layout text and pictures as you wish.

… have audio and video on my websites?
Yes. Simply upload your files in CMS and visitors will be able to download them directly.

… have statistics?
Yes. There are two types of statistics available, simple and advanced. Our CMS has inbuilt simple web page statistics and our hosting package provides advanced statistics for you to analyse your visitor data at no extra charge.

… have a bespoke website design?
Yes but not with the standard packages. We do customise your website using our standard highly professional optimised designs which will match your corporate identity so you are essentially getting a design specifically for your business. However, we do offer a completely bespoke design for those that want it. Please contact us for further details on this option.

… build it myself
Yes. Once we put the site design in place, you have total control over the whole CMS.

… include a map to my business?
Yes. Just add a link to Multimap or another map provider to any page in your website.

… have multiple languages on my website?
Yes, for an extra cost. Please email us to discuss your requirements.

… have a 'site search' feature?

… have a logo design?
Yes. We can design a new logo for you or improve your current one.


… have drop down or fly out menus?

No. Drop down or fly out menus are not offered in these packages at present. However we can offer this as an option if the customer still wishes to use them but this would be at an additional cost.

How many …?

… words can I have on each page?

Unlike other companies offering similar packages, we do not place a limit on the amount of words you can have. We recognise that some pages may extend beyond the typical A4 layout and some might be smaller so we leave it up to your discretion. 

… menu headings can I have?

As many as you want to meet your page requirements.

… images can I have on my website?

As many as you want as long as it falls within the hosting package limit.

... email accounts can I have?

As many as your package allows - please see package page for details.

... emails can I send at one time?

Our service is limited to 200 emails per day per customer (not per email account) as we do not support newsletter distribution on our server. If you need to send large amounts of email, we suggest you use a 3rd party such as icontact.com for this. 

Content Management

Which parts of my website can I update myself?

Nearly all of it! You can update the Menu and Content Area (pages). You can add and remove text, images, pdf documents, plus video and audio files (depending on the package you choose).


Which parts of my website does Zixus update for me?

The Header graphic (at the top), which can include a Flash Header and Logo and the colour scheme.

Can I change my Flash header Graphic?

No. You can create a support ticket and we will make the changes for you but there would be an additional cost if this was after the live date.

I don't need to update my site very often. Is yours still a good solution?


Yes. In order to rank highly on the search engines, your website content needs to be updated frequently. Most other professional website companies charge as much as, if not more than we do for a static website that you can't update. And when you do need to update, they charge you a lot more to make the changes for you.

Where can I get stock images for my website?

We recommend the following outstanding stock photo websites:




Will my images get resized before going into the website?

Yes and No. The WYSIWYG editor has some basic resizing capability but if you want your site to look great, you really should create and resize your images outside of the website. Don't worry though as we have identified several free graphics packages that you can use for this purpose and can give you access to tutorials to help you with this.


What are the package limits?

The package you choose determines how many pages we build for you during the build phase. The number of pages you can have on your website is unlimited and you have full control over this within the hosting limit.

How do I know if I’ve reached my hosting limit?

We will tell you and will give you the opportunity to buy another data space bundle or of course you can reduce the content to bring it back down within the agreed limit.

Fees & Legal

What does the setup fee include?

It covers the design work and admin time required to get your website live. It also includes content input up to the package you have purchased. Thereafter, you can add as many pages as you like or ask us to do it at a cost of £20 per page.

What does the monthly fee include?

The website, domain name registration, online support, statistics, software upgrades, website hosting, email hosting and access to CMS which allows you to update your website content yourself.

What’s the minimum contract period?


12 months, thereafter you are free to cancel at any time.



Do you provide any extra services? If so, what do you charge?

Our primary goal is to offer 'self-service' websites that you have total control over. We do provide some additional services - please see our pricing page for more details.

How do I pay for my website?

Our preference is to both the setup and subscription charges via our online payment system powered by 2Checkout.com. You can of course pay by cheque but in this case, you would have to pay the monthly subscription for 12 months in advance.

Search Engines

How do I get found in the Search Engines?

The website designs we use are highly optimised and so content permitting, your website should perform exceptionally well in the search engines. Our CMS allows you to input your own meta data to ensure the search engines are able to find you.


However, if search engine performance is important to you, we do offer additional search engine optimisation and submission packages.  Please see the relevant sections and pricing pages for more details.

Does Google list all of your websites?

We design websites with search engine results in mind, so generally yes but there are no guarantees.

Our Policies

Do you make it easy for partially blind/deaf people to use your websites?

All of our website packages in this category conform to W3c Priorty 1 of the W3C web standards.

What is your backup policy?

We backup all data daily. This is used for disaster recovery however and not to recover deleted content items. The CMS we use has an inbuilt trash manager which allows you to recover deleted content and menu items.

What is your copyright policy?

Joomla has its own copyrights and these apply to everyone. We own copyright of the template code and you own copyright of the content (text images etc) held within your website.