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Newsletter Service

If you are searching for simple email marketing software that provides a platform for your online marketing campaigns, we encourage you to use our friends at iContact. iContact allows you to use multiple channels such as email, RSS feeds, and blogs to distribute your message to your prospects and customers. [ Learn More ].

Why should I use Newsletter software?

It doesn't matter if your business is online or off (i.e.: no internet presence), marketing by email will:

v  save you money,

v  build customer loyalty,

v  increase brand awareness,

v  drive traffic to your website if you have one,

v  create sales opportunities, and

v  Increase your profits.

Whether you call it newsletter, bulk email or email marketing doesn’t really matter, the fact remains that sending permission based emails to your customers and potential customers is one of the cost effective marketing tools available to you today.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

1. Email Is Popular

Email is consistently rated as the most popular and most used application on the internet. Indeed, some people only use email and do not browse the internet at all!

Email is the preferred primary means of business communication (ahead of telephone and postal mail).

v  42% of business users check their business email while on holiday.

v  53% of business users check their email six or more times during the working day.

v  34% of internet users check their email continuously throughout the day.

v  96% of internet users' main reason for being online is email.

There are over 450 million email boxes worldwide, with the number rapidly increasing.

Email marketing will become a $9.4 billion business by 2006.(Source: Forrester Research, and Jupiter Communications)

2. Save Time and Money

No printing, no postage, no mail house charges.

Traditional direct mail costs between £1 and £3 per recipient and can take over a month to complete. With email, the cost can be reduced to pennies per recipient and completed in hours.

It takes far less time to create and send an email compared to a traditional direct mail campaign.

Overall, the return on investment of opt-in email is 40 times greater than direct mail.

3. Increased Sales

It's not unusual for email campaigns to get 5%-15% response rates. 

The response rate of opt-in email is 50 times greater than banner ads and 5 times greater than direct mail.

4. Instant Results

Minutes after sending out your email campaign you can start seeing responses and orders. And you can time your campaigns to arrive on the best day of the week or month for maximum response.

Instead of waiting weeks for responses and test results, you'll have them in hours.

80% of responses to an email campaign will occur within 3 days (traditional direct mail takes weeks).

5. Measurable Results

Email campaigns are fully traceable, with up to the minute statistics. You can easily test which message generates the best response and alter your campaign accordingly.

6. Quick to Create

You could knock out an email in an hour or two as opposed to weeks in the "offline" world.

In addition, you can even make money from your newsletter itself by selling ad space or by using a paid subscription model.

7. Personalisation and Targeting

Email allows your message to be personalised. Instead of "Dear Customer" you can address the recipient as "Dear Rachel" and send offers targeted to their preferences.

To be More Specific ..

By capturing and using customers email addresses, you can:

Use the newsletter service to advise and remind people of both planned and unplanned business closures – improved customer service

Use it to promote awareness of specific business activities that are not attended/taken up/used as well as you would like – increase sales

Use it to cut down on printed material that you currently sent out via mail or by handouts – potential cost savings

 Promote other relevant business services in support of your own either in a chargeable or non-chargeable manner – value add for customers, support local small business leading to potential increased sales for them 

 And much more ...