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Business Benefits

Increase the profitability of your business

Our packages will give you the ability to display and update your products or services 24/7 making changes when you wish with no complicated skills to learn. This will keep your existing and potential customers informed on what's happening in your business.

Research shows that sites with changing information are viewed far more regularly than static ones. Our Joomla powered website packages are dynamically driven given you a for growth and sales in your business.

Increase communication with your customers

A Contact Form is built into the package for marketing purposes and to make it very easy for your website visitors to contact you. If you choose to use the news module, your visitors will be better informed about your business even when your shop or office is closed!

Reduce support calls

Having support sections on a website is a great way to improve your customer experience and to minimise the more mundane support calls. Your customers can get answers to their questions when they want - not when you are open for business.

Save office costs

We all want to reduce our overheads as a way of increasing the bottom line profit and a Joomla powered website package can do just that. By using the many features of our package, your staff will spend less time answer calls, sending out snail mail and producing paper based literature. In a nutshell, you will have a very real opportunity to save money in areas that you wouldn't have thought possible.

Control your budget

No huge upfront fees - what a relief!  A low fixed monthly amount enabling you to budget for the year, regardless of how many times update your content or add pictures or files to download.  The subscription for our website packages includes data space (hosting) and email (including webmail). Your site will be hosted on our dedicated server with high speed connection to the internet to ensure the best possible performance and availability.  This means your customers will not be kept waiting whilst visiting your site and are therefore less likely to go elsewhere - your competitors.

Flexible solution

A website package for life - crazy as this sounds it's absolutely true. As your business grows, wouldn't it be good if your website could go grow with you. With our packages,  you can easily extend your website by simply adding pages and modules to your site to meet your specific business need.

If you decide to sell online, that's easy we just add an eCommerce module for you to use at a fraction of the cost a typical eCommerce solution would cost. There are literally hundreds of first class Joomla modules available to meet a wide range of business needs. And of course if your need is very specific, we just build a new one for you.