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Affordable Small Business Web Design & Development

Zixus is dedicated to creating affordable small business website for businesses of all types, sizes and shapes. From companies and individuals who have very small budgets in the low hundreds of pounds, to companies with much larger budgets who require a bigger, more complex online presence. We can build all forms of small business websites, from small brochure sites, one page websites to full content managed mega sites and online shopping websites.  We're able to keep our prices low by using two of the world's leading Open Source Content Management Systems, Joomla and Wordpress. Unless a customer specifically requests a custom design, we are expert at sourcing a commercial Joomla template or Wordpress theme and customising it specifically for the customer, making it a truly unique looking website that will normally perform well in the search engines like Google. 

Small business websites, sensible prices, powered by Wordpress or Joomla a CMS that powers 25% of the world's websites

Our websites are built using Wordpress or Joomla and follow modern web development best practices. Using clean, professional and modern themes which we customise these for our customers, we build super easy to use websites that anyone can update, anywhere, anytime as long as you have access to the Internet. Owning a website if you are a small business on a tight budget has never been easier.