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Small Business SEO Starter Package

If you are reading this page, it’s probably fair to say that you know how important search engines can be when it comes to improving traffic numbers to small business websites so we we’re not going to talk about the obvious benefits of SEO here. We are however going to talk about probably one of the most cost effective SEO packages ever devised for website owners which we call ‘Small Biz SEO’. It is called that for two simple reasons:

1.    It’s aimed at small business who may have some knowledge of search engines but want to upgrade their understanding and want to know the real truth behind effective SEO for small business based websites.
2.    It’s aimed at small business who have limited budget to spend on SEO and who are willing to undertake some of the work themselves.

Preparing your website so that it can be found and ranked by Google (and the other search engines) is an ongoing process and getting started can sometimes feel like a huge mountain to climb. With that in mind, we developed our ‘Small Biz SEO’ package for Joomla based customers which will give you a jump start in this vital area of website marketing.

We'll talk to you in plain English about search engines and how they work and give you a good understanding of what search engines are looking for when they visit a website. We will then put things right on your most vital asset – the home page and give you a plan of action so that you can carry on from there confident in the knowledge that you are doing things correctly. Or if you would prefer, we can undertake those tasks for you for a very reasonable cost.

In a perfect world you would employ someone to manage your website for you and this person would be versed in up to date Google friendly SEO techniques. In reality most small businesses can’t afford to employ someone to do this on a full time basis and that’s where our ‘Small Biz SEO’ package comes in. Our ‘Small Biz SEO’ package gets you started fast and helps you take those difficult first steps with a clear plan of action to work on.

Our Small Biz SEO package includes:

•    A one to one chat about current Google friendly SEO techniques. We’re not looking to turn you into an SEO guru but a well informed website owner who knows the basics of well constructed web pages that Google and the other search engines will like.
•    A detailed review of your website. We will look at up to 5 pages within your website and base the action plan recommendations on these.
•    Keyword research for your market. We will undertake keyword research based on an initial set provided by you to us. We can then validate these keywords as achievable or provide some alternatives for consideration.
•    Correction of all issues with your homepage*
We will correct the most common errors found on a home page based on our normal review process. Note this does not however include re-writing any content.
•    Site map feed into Google, Yahoo and Bing. Site maps are vital to enable Google Yahoo and Bing to easily index your website pages.
•    Installation of site analytics and advice on their use. Google Analytics or an alternative (getclicky.com etc) will be installed on your website and this will allow you to regularly and confidently monitor your SEO progress at Google.
•    A tailored plan of action in PLAIN ENGLISH. This plan is written in such a way that a website owner will be able to take the key action points and correct the errors or findings themselves.
•    Guaranteed improvements to your website - but not guaranteed rankings of course.

Important note: this is guaranteed improvements to your website pages, not guaranteed Search Engine rankings. According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, nobody can guarantee a Google ranking and so we won’t even try – you should steer clear of any company that does give you such a guarantee as it really is worthless.

Interested in finding out more? Please contact us now to have a free no obligation discussion on how our Small Biz SEO package can help your  website.

Cost: £495