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Small Biz SEO Website Package

Small Business Joomla SEO Package

If you are reading this page, it’s probably fair to say that you know how important search engines can be when it comes to improving traffic numbers to small business websites so we we’re not going to talk about the obvious benefits of SEO here. We are however going to talk about probably one of the most cost effective SEO packages ever devised for Joomla based website owners which we call ‘Small Biz SEO’. It is called that for two simple reasons:

1.    It’s aimed at small business who may have some knowledge of search engines but want to upgrade their understanding and want to know the real truth behind effective SEO for small Joomla based businesses websites.
2.    It’s aimed at small business who have limited budget to spend on SEO and who are willing to undertake some of the work themselves.

Preparing your website so that it can be found and ranked by Google (and the other search engines) is an ongoing process and getting started can sometimes feel like a huge mountain to climb. With that in mind, we developed our ‘Small Biz SEO’ package for Joomla based customers which will give you a jump start in this vital area of website marketing.
We'll talk to you in plain English about search engines and how they work and give you a good understanding of what search engines are looking for when they visit a website. We will then put things right on your most vital asset – the home page and give you a plan of action so that you can carry on from there confident in the knowledge that you are doing things correctly. Or if you would prefer, we can undertake those tasks for you for a very reasonable cost.

In a perfect world you would employ someone to manage your website for you and this person would be versed in up to date Google friendly SEO techniques. In reality most small businesses can’t afford to employ someone to do this on a full time basis and that’s where our ‘Small Biz SEO’ package comes in. Our ‘Small Biz SEO’ package gets you started fast and helps you take those difficult first steps with a clear plan of action to work on.

Our Small Biz SEO package includes:

•    A one to one chat about current Google friendly SEO techniques. We’re not looking to turn you into an SEO guru but a well informed website owner who knows the basics of well constructed web pages that Google and the other search engines will like.
•    A detailed review of your website. We will look at up to 10 pages within your website and base the action plan recommendations on these.
•    Keyword research for your market. We will undertake keyword research based on an initial set provided by you to us. We can then validate these keywords as achievable or provide some alternatives for consideration.
•    Correction of all issues with your homepage*
We will correct the most common errors found on a home page based on our normal review process. Note this does not however include re-writing any content.
•    Site map feed into Google, Yahoo and Bing. Site maps are vital to enable Google Yahoo and Bing to easily index your website pages.
•    Installation of site analytics and advice on their use. Google Analytics or an alternative (getclicky.com etc) will be installed on your website and this will allow you to regularly and confidently monitor your SEO progress at Google.
•    A tailored plan of action in PLAIN ENGLISH. This plan is written in such a way that a website owner will be able to take the key action points and correct the errors or findings themselves.
•    Guaranteed improvements to your website - but not guaranteed rankings of course.

Important note: this is guaranteed improvements to your website pages, not guaranteed Search Engine rankings. According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, nobody can guarantee a Google ranking and so we won’t even try – you should steer clear of any company that does give you such a guarantee as it really is worthless.

Interested in finding out more? Please contact us now to have a free no obligation discussion on how our Small Biz SEO package can help your Joomla website.

Cost: £495


SEO Package 2 - SEO SWOT - £750.00
The Ideal Package for Under Performing Websites

This package is ideal for established websites that are under performing or for those that would like to take their business further on the web but are not quite sure how. We will conduct a detailed competitor analysis and keyword research exercise, a technical audit to remove any barriers affecting search engine performance will be performed and optimisation of 5 key pages including the homepage. With this package we aim to help you understand where your site is (Strengths and Weaknesses), where it could be (Opportunities) and take a look at the competition (Threats).

What's Included
•    A one to one chat about business objectives - why?
•    A technical audit to uncover any issues - why?
•    Keyword research for the homepage and FOUR others - why?
•    Detailed analysis of competing websites - why?
•    Installation of site activity tools - why?
•    4 Hours of link building - why?
•    Creation of search engine sitemap feeds (if required)
•    Review of current link profile - why?
•    Review of competitors link profiles - why?
•    Review of current authority - why?
•    Optimisation of the homepage and FOUR others

Because you and your business are worth it:
•    FREE review of available site visitor data - why?
•    FREE installation of site activity tools including help in plain English on how to make the most of them.
•    FREE tools and advice on how to keep your site performing at its best.
•    FREE written report on taking things forward - why?

In a world that never stops evolving it can become hard to keep up with things however help is at hand here at Red Evolution. We will assess your current SEO position and work with you to improve it. This package also ensures the homepage and four other key pages are optimised and any technical issues will be dealt with. We understand that you need to be able to keep an eye on not just your own business but also your competitors.
Therefore this package also includes a review of the main competition and their SEO activities to help you identify opportunities, improve you site's link profile and provides site activity measurement tools to help you stay on top and because you are worth it we have thrown in a few extras. Including access to a wealth of plain English information for taking the site forward and understanding the work which we have done.

Approximately 10 working days


SEO Package 3 - SEO Growth from £1050.00
As your business grows it can become hard to keep on top of things so why not delegate your SEO to the experts at Zixua so you can concentrate on the development of your business. This package is suitable for larger websites requiring constant content development and merit based link building. We will produce you a tailored package involving a blend of services designed around you and your business with the common goal of improving the number and quality of business enquiries generated by your website. You will also be able to access a wealth of information and support through our staff all in plain English – because business is complicated enough without filling it with jargon.

What's Included
•    Content development
•    Link analysis
•    Link building
•    Social media leverage and monitoring
•    Article marketing
•    Blog marketing

•    Merit based links
•    Quality traffic
•    Improved trust and authority
•    Increased sales
•    Increased enquiries
•    Increased media attention
•    Increased media opportunities (conferences etc)

Ongoing monthly retainer

From £1050.00

SEO is an ongoing process but sometimes just getting started is a headache. That's where our SEO Packages come in. We'll put things right and give you a simple plan of action for taking things forward or take over the management of your site for you.
Call us on 01202 690069 for an informal chat.

Further Information on our SEO Packages

Why Do We Need a Chat About Objectives?
It's vital that any SEO project starts by establishing what you hope it to achieve, that's why we include it in all our SEO packages. This phase of the project helps us understand your business and your current search related challenges.

Why Analyse The Competition?
Looking at websites competing in your market place can provide valuable insights. For example it can show how difficult or otherwise it's going to be to rank for a particular search phrase. It's also a good way to find places from which to secure links.
In short it's always beneficial to understand who your competition are and what they are doing helping you to stay up to date and in competition.

Why Do A Technical Audit?
Sometimes websites can't be read and understood by Google, this is obviously a bad thing as it will prevent them from appearing in search results. There are other issues that also need to be addressed such as duplicate pages. A technical review is vital to make sure a website isn't tripping itself up.

Why Do Keyword Research?
Keyword research helps us to understand what people who would buy your products and services search for. There are tools that help us with this and we don't have to simply guess and hope. Sometimes keyword research find a search phrase lots of people are using that your competitors haven't optimised for, this can result in some very targeted traffic = sales!

Why Do Link Building?
Links to your pages from other pages are like votes and it's how search engines decide which are the best pages for any given search. It's how they differentiate between two pages containing very similar content, the one with the best links to it wins. Here's some more information on link building techniques.

Why Install Site Activity Tools?
Site activity tools show you how people found your site, what they searched for or where they clicked from and what they looked at. Sometimes you can also see where they are based and the company they work for. This information is valuable for measuring the effectiveness of what your visitors are currently doing and it also helps guide further work. For example, if you run a Pay Per Click campaign it makes sense to see if visitors you paid for actually bought something from you or got in touch.

Why Do You Provide Written Advice?
SEO isn't something you 'do' and then forget about. An SEO package is just the start and if you are serious about generating business on-line you need a plan and a strategy to take things forward. We provide that as part of the package.

Why Do I Need to Be An Authority?
Becoming an authority in your area of expertise should be your goal. The more of an authority you become, usually because of the information on your website, the more quality traffic you will get and the more links you will receive. It's a virtuous circle.

Why Do You Review Our Historical Site Visitor Info?
If your site has been gathering data there is usually a wealth of market and visitor intelligence that can be put to good use. For example if you have been securing visitors using a specific search term, yet you are on page 2 of Google for that search term imagine what might happen if you were on page one for it? Simple but very effective and just one example of how historical - or sometimes hysterical - data cam be useful.

Why Do You Review My Sites Links?
We look at your existing links to see how relevant they are and if any of the links you currently have could possibly be harming your SEO efforts.

Why Check My Competitors Links?
Looking at the links to your competitors websites sometimes provides linking opportunities for your website. This isn't always the case but it's worth checking.

And Finally ...
We know there are many companies who take a different view to us where SEO is concerned. They believe rightly or wrongly that SEO is all about building links from any source including forums, blogs, cuckoo pages etc. They don't think it matters where links come from so long as you've got plenty of them. Their business model is to provide X number of links for Y number of pounds/dollars.

If that's what you are looking for Zixus is not the company for you but if you contact us we'll gladly point you in the direction of one or two.