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Joomla FAQs

If it's free, why are we paying you?

If open source software is free, how does SiliconDesigns make money?

Very simple: You pay us for the added value of our expertise in customising the systems to your needs and for designing the interfaces and look and feel to match your corporate identity. In our view, this is the way it should be. Why should you pay for a bit of generic code? Rather, you should pay us for the ability to make that code work for your company in the manner you desire with the appearance you desire, and for our assistance setting up the environment, testing the solution, and getting the entire thing ready for market, without eating up your time. And of course, we're there when you need us to do an upgrade, add a new feature, or otherwise help you make the most of your web project.

Reality check: If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you can do all this yourself; the knowledge is out there and the licenses are free. But, ask yourself, "is it worth my time?" We can do it faster, neater, and frankly much better, and we can do it all for a reasonable fee.