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Responsive Google Line Charts - with custom points: polygon, star, diamond, square, triangle, circle.

Responsive Google Bar Charts - with bar.groupWidth 15.

Responsive Google Bar Charts.

Responsive Google Bar Charts with stacked bars. This chart places related values atop one another. It's typically used when a category naturally divides into components.

Responsive Google Donut Chart. A donut chart is a pie chart with a hole in the center.

Responsive Google Donut Chart with 0.8 pieHole.

Responsive Google Geo Charts. A geochart is a map of a country, a continent, or a region with two modes: The region mode colorizes whole regions, such as countries, provinces, or states or The marker mode marks designated regions using bubbles that are scaled according to a value that you specify.

Responsive Google Geo Charts - The marker mode marks designated regions.

Responsive Google Pie chart with slices and animation. Slicing the chart with slices with different offset. You can separate pie slices from the rest of the chart with the offset property of the slices option. You can remove the animation.

Responsive Google 3D Pie chart with animation. Your pie chart will be drawn as though it has three dimensions. You can remove the animation.

Responsive Google Pie chart without animation. Standart layout. Legend on the bottom.